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SylDate: Tuesday, 31.May.2011, 11:34 | Message # 1
Group: Lost guildie
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My name is Sylthawyn (or just Syl for short) and I joined the guild just yesterday. smile Since servers are down atm, I decided to look around here and thought I would introduce myself a bit. happy

I'm from Hungary, I'm a 25 years old student and I have been playing RoM since open beta, but I had a long break somewhere between chapters II and III, so now I'm returning almost as a newbie because there are a couple of new things in the game that I know nothing about.

My name is an Elvish one as I play with a cheeky little elf, and if I'm right it means something like "healing fairy musician" because I usually prefer playing with support and healer characters, although in this guild I have a mischievous rogue/scout, which is my second favorite pick.

I have tried a number of MMORPGs, mostly free ones, such as Dungeons and Dragons Online, LOTRO, Shaiya, Faxion, Champions Online, Perfect World games in general, Allods and many more, but I decided to stick to RoM in the end because although I'm not a fan of the publisher, the game itself is still my favorite.

In game I like partying and questing as well as instance running together with other players, and I'm not really a solo gamer, so I get bored and lonely very easily if there aren't people to talk to or play with. For this reason I sometimes chat too much, but feel free to shoot me if I get annoying. biggrin

Otherwise I also like helping others and sharing game experience, so if you need any help and think I can do something for you, just go ahead and ask, and I'll be there if I have the means.

I think that is all, feel free to ask if there's anything I forgot, and hope to see you in game soon.
KatalanaDate: Tuesday, 31.May.2011, 13:28 | Message # 2
Group: Moderators
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Welcome to the guild, Syl.

Hope you have fun here and if there is anything you want to know or need just let us know and we shall see what we can do.

See you in-game smile
ImwenDate: Wednesday, 22.Jun.2011, 22:21 | Message # 3
Group: Administrators
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heya Syl ;-)
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