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TerijanDate: Tuesday, 24.May.2011, 16:14 | Message # 1
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Hello. Some time ago I played WoW, Age of conan but I am new in this game.
*noob* lol
I could not find in this forums any directions what is better to level for raids (PvP and PvE).
What is good for fire mage (i think it is good to level and quest)? Frost mage - for PvE raids?
Lightning - for PvP ?
Also does this has respec option ?
If you know any website about mage class in Runes of magic game - please tell!


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KatalanaDate: Tuesday, 24.May.2011, 17:11 | Message # 2
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Best places to look would the official forums, both the US and the EU ones.



All Mages are Fire and Wind. M/K have light spells, M/Wd earth, M/R dark.

There is rebalancing coming soon, so it is difficult to know how advise best. M/K and M/P are good in PvE and PvP. M/Wd probably best DPS atm.

Level Lightening and Flame, don't need so much else at early levels. I suppose Fireball too. Look on the forums and you will get a lot more info.

Atm Mages are not good at end-game, though that is likely to change in a few weeks with the release of Ch4. They OP at low levels and in PvP, and that is likely to stay the same.

Added (24.May.2011, 17:11)
Oh and look here


for info on Elite skills that generally define your combo, though some general skills from your secondary can also be really good (such as Enhanced Armour for M/K (+60% physical defence buff).

TerijanDate: Thursday, 26.May.2011, 16:13 | Message # 3
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cool, nice links.

What about respec option (if i need to re-sort my TP)?
ConstantDate: Friday, 27.May.2011, 00:54 | Message # 4
Big Boss
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You can earn TP even at max lvl so i wouldnt worry about that, also there really arent any specs once you choose both classes. We also have tower in castle which buff TP (only from kills) gain for some certain time, so feel free to try it.
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