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Triumph of the dragon queen (ToDQ) 2/2
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Lightning Surge – This 2 second cast is a chain lightning spell that will link three people and do 4K damage.Strategy:The tank should position the boss in the center of the ring on the ground. The Storm Warden and Storm Mistresses will summon very quickly, so the tank should be sure to pick up the adds. One add needs to be marked, and focused down. The other can be tanked and ignored. Once the focused add is down, and the bubble is up, any melee should clear out of the circle immediately. The tank should stay in just long enough to get the reactive ability, then get out. As the ability is a ranged attack, the tank should then target the Storm Warden use the ability two or three times (until it is dead), while maintaining aggro on Typhiria. If the tank is not comfortable doing this, assign a DPS to run in and gain the ability.Once the Storm Warden is dead, it will drop a blue circle. One player should be designated to pick it up, and therefore have the protective blue bubble on them. For this strat, it is suggested that your slowest runner (i.e. the player with the least amount of speed increases) pick it up, as long as it is not the tank. However, the bubble should not be picked up until Dark Clouds is being cast, as the buff only last a minute – the length of the Storm Blast/AoE chain cast.Once Dark Clouds is finished, Typhiria will do unhealable AoE damage to anyone not in the bubble, as well as begin to cast Storm Blast repeatedly. As Storm Blast is bugged, the simplest way to handle this mechanic is for the entire raid to run in a large circle around the boss until she is done chain casting. Because the raid is never standing still, no player should take damage from Storm Blast, and as the entire raid is together under the blue bubble, no one is taking AoE damage. If you do not pick a slow runner to have to bubble, raid members will slowly get left behind, outside the bubble and die. If anyone runs into the yellow aura that the boss is producing during this, the player will be knocked back and likely one-shot. Dps can use any instant cast, ranged abilities to get the boss’s health down as much as possible.Once Typhiria is done casting Storm Blast, the raid can stop and continue dps. If the raid dps is not high enough, this cycle will have to be repeated. At 15% health, Typhiria will transform into a dragon, starting Phase 2.Phase 2 – Typhiria’s WrathAbilities:
  • Typhriria’s Wrath – The boss, now in dragon form, breathes a cone and spins counterclockwise for 40 seconds. The cone will one-shot anyone it touches. A minute after she has finished the channel, she will cast it again. Each time she cast’s this spell, she will also have a blue aura around her that does not do damage but knocks back any player that is too close.
  • Dark Clouds – This is a 3 second cast that signifies Typhriria’s Wrath
  • Whirlwind of Agony – Deals 800 damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
  • 2 Storm Wardens and 2 Storm Raiders are summoned. If killed they will drop blue orbs which boost players’ run speed.
  • A blue circle will appear under a player’s feet. This circle does under 1K damage and lifts any players in the circle in the air.
  • A White Orb – continuously circles the walls (while the boss is not channeling Typhriria’s Wrath). This orb will one-shot any player it touches.
    Strategy:Phase 2 is much easier than Phase 1, and there is much less damage going out. Position the raid by the stairs on the left side of the room, away from the wall. If anyone is too close to the wall, they will be one-shot by the White Orb that circles the room. Blue circles will appear on the ground. These circles can essentially be ignored. They do negligible damage, and while they lift the player in the air, the player can still cast. Any adds that spawn should be tanked and ignored. The run speed boost they drop is unimportant.When Typhiria begins to cast Dark Clouds, be sure that the raid is beside the stairs – not too far towards the entrance of the room. The boss will then cast Typhriria’s Wrath, and begin to spin counter-clockwise. If the raid is positioned correctly, the breath will be cast a bit in front of the raid, and the boss will almost have to make a full circle to reach the raid. Every player can run at their own pace for this mechanic, as long as they are not getting hit by the breath. This means that ranged dps can continue to dps, similar to the first phase. Another yellow aura will exist around the boss which will knock back anyone to close.