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Triumph of dragon queen (ToDQ) 3rd boss.
TerijanDate: Friday, 14.Feb.2014, 16:58 | Message # 1
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3. Boss
Jultharin strategy.

Raid Make Up:
  • 1 Tank
  • 2 Healers (A Chloro and a Warden are suggested)
  • 1 Support (Bard suggested)
  • 6 DPS

    Jultharin – 14.4 Million HPMain Abilities:
  • Jultharin’s Spark – A line of wisps joined by lasers will be summoned from one of the four walls approcimately every 30 seconds. Each wisp in the row has 274K HP; this barrier will move to the opposite wall from which it is summoned, one-shotting any player that it touches along the way. When Jultharin is at 50% health, he has a chance to summon two sets of wisps, from different walls, simultaneously.
  • Deranging Tempest – After a 2 second cast, the boss will fear every member of the raid. This cast can be interrupted.
  • Shocking Blast – Jultharin hits the tank for 11K damage after a 1 second cast.
  • AoE Damage – The boss gains a buff every 15 seconds which causes him to deal 4.5K damage every second for three seconds to everyone in the raid.

Strategy:The main concerns with this boss are Jultharin’s Spark and Deranging Tempest. The other two abilities that the boss executes can be healed through with two AoE healers.The raid should set up in the center of the room. Positioning only matters for ease of dealing with the wisps. Designate one DPS to pick and mark one of the wisps when they spawn. The other DPS should all immediately switch to the designated wisp and burn it down. Assist macros are very useful for this mechanic. As soon as the wisp dies, an opening will form in the barrier. The entire raid needs to move through the opening or position themselves so that they are standing in line with the opening so that the barrier does not touch them as it moves past. This mechanic essentially forces all melee dps to stay on the boss or else risk being one-shot but the barrier. That being the case, having more than one melee DPS could make burning down the wisps in time very difficult, depending on the raid’s gear level.Once Jultharin reaches 50% health, he has a chance to spawn two sets of wisps. When this happens it is all the more important that every DPS is switching immediately. The DPS designated to mark the wisps to die must also be careful which one is chosen (depending on which walls the wisps are moving from). Once the first wisp dies, the raid should move through the opening and immediately turn to burn the second wisp from the second barrier.The other mechanic that must be closely watched is Deranging Tempest. If this ability is not interrupted, the entire raid is feared, which generally means the raid will lose a player or two by being feared into the wisps, as well as have a harder task of burning down the wisp in time. The best situation is if your raid has a tank with an interupt, as the tank will obviously be on the boss the entire time unlike the DPS who should be switching to the wisps and back. Otherwise, assign a DPS with a ranged interrupt to set the boss as a focus target and use a focus macro to interrupt.

Forum » Rift » Guides » Triumph of dragon queen (ToDQ) 3rd boss. (Tactic)
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