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Triumph of dragon queen (ToDQ) 2nd boss.
TerijanDate: Friday, 14.Feb.2014, 16:14 | Message # 1
Group: Lost guildie
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Raid Makeup
  • 2 Tanks
  • 2 Healers (2 healers suggested due to mind control, one skilled/geared healer may successfully heal this fight)
  • 5 DPS
  • 1 Support (Bard)
    Cyril – 13.6 Million HPCyril’s Main Abilities:
  • Mein of Supremacy - Cyril greatly buffs his damage with Mein of Supremacy after a 2 second cast. This can be purged.
  • Mind Control - An add called Puppet Master with 150,000 health will be spawned every 30 seconds. Puppet Master will immediately mind control a player. Once the add is dead, the player will be released. While mind controlled, the player will be immune to incoming damage, but will be attacking other raid members.
  • Glimpse of Insanity - Cyril channels Glimpse of Insanity, applying 1 stack every second for 3 seconds to everyone in front of him. Each stack reduces the player’s health by 10%.
  • Crushing Burden – After a 2 second cast the boss deals 26000 damage to anyone near him in melee range.
  • Inevitable Judgement – Knocks everyone back, and roots them in place for 2 seconds.
  • Temple’s Wrath – The boss does a 2 second cast, then a 10 second channel in which fire is produced from the pillars around the room. This happens shortly after Inevitable Judgement.

Strategy:The first tank needs to taunt the boss, and turn him in place to face from the entrance. The second tank should remain behind the boss in order to not receive any stacks of Glimpse of Insanity. Once the first tank has received six stacks, two full channels, the tanks swap. The tanks should also be aware of Crushing Burden and use cooldowns as needed. The tank that is not currently tanking can simply stand with the raid to avoid unnecessary damage. The raid should stack against the table in the inner circle, closest to the entrance. Standing against the table prevents the raid from being knocked back and negates the Temple’s Wrath ability.One person needs to be assigned to purging Mein of Supremacy as soon as it is cast as it causes the tanks to be hit much harder than necessary. Due to Inevitable Judgement and Crushing Burden, it is not impossible to have melee dps, but they will be much less effective than ranged in this fight.Every 30 seconds a Puppet Master is summoned. In turn, that Puppet Master will mind control one member of the raid. That player will be immune to incoming damage but will be attacking other players. All dps need to immediately focus down the Puppet Master. Once the add is dead, the mind controlled player will be released.