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The generall progression of the guild, if you want lost to live - heed my call!
Greetings guys and girls. AS you all know we are are fun, fiendly guild, with some endgame content farm BUT that is not really enough . We seriously lack healers and priests and we are overly poulated with mages . now there is atleast SOMETHING we can do...

Proposition 1 : We approach healers lvl 45+ and offer them boosting and any help we can if they are ready to play the char untill endgame content and he usefull to the guild....to this we need the joint effort of every officer as well as any member really...if you spot a semi-high lvl healer , whisper him, ask him something about life and the game and if he would like to join a guild progressing thourgh lower tiers of endgame raiding....

Proposition 2: We lack tanks...but we have Constant and Deathstorm for gods sake...lets push them a little bit...the least-time and effort consuming coul be - take them on your DoD runs...even if they dont make a difference they can observe other tanks and get stats and optimally a HD arena shield ...taking them to HoS runs is allso a "must" because we mostly run with style who does not require anything = thus iff good gear or stats drop it is their for keeps smile

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