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Post patch situation
Well patch was and is disaster for all mana using classes, so it would like to encourage all lower lvl players with such class to reroll to non-mana using classes if they feel game is too hard for them now. Non casting classes are: Warrior, Scout, Rogue. Then whisper someone from guild for re-invite.
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2 Constant  
Well i didnt mean it like its time for panic, just as advice for players at lower lvls which could be scared with situation after patch wink

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1 Katalana  
The issue is being dealt with (for now). Runewaker have posted a statement on the forum and have decided to roll back the mana costs.

There is rarely any need for such knee jerk reactions, though of course there is never any harm in starting an alt.

I would say get on the forums and suggest how to improve the system, but even if you have a great idea you will be drowned out in all the swearing, shouting and idiocy.

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