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New guild rank system
Just in brief.

newcomer - 0-5 days - any lvl
initiate - more than 5days - 10 days - any lvl
adept - more than 10 days - 20 days - any lvl
clerk - more than 20 days - lvl 30 and higher
cadre - more than 30 days - lvl 40 and higher
officer - more than 40 days - lvl 50 and higher
paladin - special rank - lvl 50 and higher
elder - more than 60 days - lvl 50 and higher
vice leader - special rank, only leader can grat to this rank

Offline more than 30 days (without reason) = KICK!
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Right this is just an idea that hasn't really worked out in practice, but I thought maybe we could have a Roman-style flavour to the ranks, based on our good leader, Constant. However most of the Roman honours look awful written down, but here is an attempt at seeing how this might work

1. Capite censi (head count, those Romans who had nothing but themselves)
2. Plebeian
3. Legionary
4. Centurion
5. Tribune
6. Quaestor
7. Legate
8. Praetor
9. Consul
10. Imperator

I have horribly mixed and matched here and I don't think it has worked on any level, but well, it is just an idea that would at least be different, though incredibly difficult to understand for those that don't know Roman history or Latin well.

Actually i was thinking about roman-inspired ranks too, but as you said, 90% of ppl will probably have no idea what they means, so i went with Imwens idea, till we start history lectures events for whole guild happy

Yes, you have right. I m not a historian like you cool

Ok, corrected. smile

Newcomer - definition I think that it´s ok.
clerk is better than footsoldier or guard. Footsoldier is ugly word for me. And guard, hmmm mage as guard?

Anyway, it ´s really good that you wrote your opinion wink and if you find some good rank names, let us know, maybe we´ll change some names of ranks wink

Just my thoughts,

newcom(m)er=is spelt wrong, and I would suggest Rookie, Greenhorn, Novice, Neophyte, Fledgling or just combining with Initiate. 5 days isn't very long.
clerk= a bit dull, I would suggest Guard, Footsoldier
paladin= I hate paladins, don't know why just do. Thought I would share that, don't really have any suggestions as I'm not entirely sure what the special rank is for.

I suppose I should have put some input into this before now, but there you go. Just thought I would look I was busy with guild stuff, lol.

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