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Guild news
Hello all.

As you maybe know, many old guildies left us. It was a little crisis in the guild but now we trying to rebuild our lovely guild.

So first news is DAILY CONTEST (well maybe not exactly every day). It is simple. I put a question and you must send me an answer by ingame mail. If will be answer right I put it into a lottery and you can win some gold (in future maybe dias too)  ;-)

Second is our aliance with the guild Dragonsoul. I did talk with leader of this guild Theforgottensoul and we made an agreement. We will help them and they will help us and some of their strongest members can join the LOST. So we will be cooperate.

So that is all atm. Be loyal, good luck and a lot of courage! ;-)


The alliance chat ingame: the alliance chat is called The Lost Dragonsouls, no password, thx to TheForgottensoul


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From the official news, the launch date of ch4 is 16 June 2011, I'll be expecting a horde of new players who wish to learn about the game, and the ones who don't quit and show some promising activity will be redirectd to Lost!


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